Witch Spring 4 has one main ending. However, she has a choice between Ethan or Libro that will affect the story, and her reputation will determine the kind of queen she becomes.

Reputation Events

There are many side events that allow Moccamori a choice, typically between helping others (adds reputation) or ignoring them (loses reputation). In some cases, she can also negotiate for her help, which will typically grant an item in exchange but neither adds nor detracts from her reputation.

Most events can be played at any point after the unlock chapter, though a few must be done at a specific point. Click on the event name to view its details.

Ch. Name Cruel Kind Negotiate
1 Lambragon -1 +1 -
2 Pruto Forest Rescue -1 +1 0
Pruto Bridge Rescue -1 +1 -
Tool Merchant Rescue -1 +1 0
Workshop Owner Rescue -1 +1 -
Farm Owner's Fruit -1 +1 -
Lunata Miner Rescue - +1 0
Lunata Chief's Quests -3 +4
Denny's Power -1 +1 -
3 Ethan's Upgrade -3 +3 0
Grandma Sugar's Glasses - +1 0
Encounters with Yvette 4 -2 +2 -
Total Possible Rep. -15 +18


Titles can be viewed on the stat screen. They have no particular purpose besides a general indicator of your reputation and accomplishments.

The following titles are based on reputation:

  • Terrible Queen: -15 to -13 Reputation
  • Dangerous Queen: -12 to -9 Reputation
  • Little Queen: -8 to +10 Reputation (title at game start)
  • Kind Queen: +11 to +14 Reputation
  • Good Queen: +15 to +17 Reputation

The following title is based on accomplishments:

  • Greatest Queen: Defeat Narrel, Sierra, and Terrenord
    • This is the de facto title for having maximum positive Rep (+18), but is not limited to it. Greatest Queen can be obtained even with negative Rep.

Ethan or Libro

In Chapter 4: Dreamland, Moccamori will have a choice between spending time with Ethan or Libro. This will affect a scene in Chapter 5: Fruits of Bonding as well as the Ending.

During the post-game event "Origin of the Deities, A Brief Respite", the side event that plays has two variations based on your decision: "Ethan and Uris' Return" or "New Dress from Libro". One of the rewards from the side events is a dress from the person you chose. You cannot obtain the dress from the one you didn't choose on the same playthrough.

Ending Illustrations

After the final battle, 3 of the ending illustrations will change based on your decisions during the story. Click on the links to view their illustrations.

  • The Dinner: Illustration and dialogue will change based on minions recruited during the story. (See complete illustration)
  • Reputation: The illustration shown here will vary based on Moccamori's Reputation. Note that the Reputation needed does not correspond with Title reputation thresholds.
  • Greatest Queen Moccamori: If the Greatest Queen title was obtained, this illustration plays after the reputation-based illustration.

There is also one illustration with Ethan that is obtained regardless of your choice in Chapter 4. What happens immediately after the illustration, however, is affected by that choice.

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