In Witch Spring 4, Moccamori has a wide array of equipment available to her. She has three equip slots: outfits, weapons, and accessories.

Equipment can be changed through the item menu. You can filter all equipment by clicking on the Armor icon (third from left on the bottom menu), or you can filter by individual type by clicking on the + icon, then selecting Weapon, Accessory, or Dress.

Stats are calculated as follows: [(Base Stat × Accessory Bonus) × Weapon Bonus] × Outfit Bonus


Main article: Moccamori/Outfits

Moccamori's outfits are freely interchangeable in the main story and give her bonus effects when equipped. They can be freely swapped in the Royal Chamber's closet once she unlocks Commander's Uniform. On the field, outfits can be switched from the inventory at the cost of 30% max MP. (To verify: Affected by MP Cost Reduction?)

Icon Name Effect Obtained
ItemSprite Browning Light.png Browning Light +15% HP, +10% AGI Default
ItemSprite Commander's Uniform.png Commander's Uniform +8% STR/MAG Main story (start of Chapter 3)
ItemSprite Hunter's Uniform.png Hunter's Uniform +5% STR, +15% AGI Buy from Rubid Merchant Donald for 30 Red Gems.
ItemSprite Lambrio.png Lambrio +10% HP, +100% DEF, can enter Ice Plateau Crafted (recipe from Chapter 3 event - Ancient Land)
ItemSprite Cherry Blossom.png Cherry Blossom None Buy from Naru at Miyawood Village for 160,000 Gold.
ItemSprite Coronaid.png Coronaid 15% DMG Reduction, +10% STR Crafted (recipe from Chapter 3 event - Ancient Land)
ItemSprite Ethan's White Clothes.png Ethan's White Clothes +10% MP/AGI Post-game, Ethan route only. Obtained during "Ethan and Uris' Return".
ItemSprite Libro's New Dress.png Libro's New Dress +10% MP/AGI Post-game, Libro route only. Obtained during "New Dress from Libro".
ItemSprite Blooming Sky.png Blooming Sky None Post-game only. Buy from Rubid Merchant Donald for 30 Red Gems.


Moccamori can bolster the strength of her Talons using additional talons. They are obtained from enemy drops, or by crafting with recipes obtained from magic books or NPCs.

Icon Name Effect Obtain
ItemSprite Coba's Talon.png Coba's Talon +[7% + 60] STR Drop from Coba
ItemSprite Steel Talon.png Steel Talon +70 STR Craft (recipes from Weaponsmith Barnell).
Listed in order of recipes obtained.
ItemSprite Arbute Talon.png Arbute Talon +[12% + 100] STR
ItemSprite Neodimu Talon.png Neodimu Talon +20% MAG, +10% STR
ItemSprite Shining Neodimu Talon.png Shining Neodimu Talon +25% MAG, +20% STR
ItemSprite Blue Talon.png Blue Talon +[30% + 500] MAG
ItemSprite Black Talon.png Black Talon +[50% + 300] MAG, -10% current HP per MP use Craft (recipe from Fairy's Index)
ItemSprite Rare Metal Talon.png Rare Metal Talon +[30% + 400] STR Craft (recipe from Weaponsmith Dorman)
ItemSprite Dragon Talon.png Dragon Talon +320% STR Craft (post-game only; recipe from Terrenord after completing "Babysitting Boule")
ItemSprite Deep Dark Talon.png Deep Dark Talon +180% MAG Craft (post-game only; recipe from chest in Hill of Shadow)


Only one regular accessory can be worn at a time.

Icon Name Effect Obtain
ItemSprite Healing Necklace.png Healing Necklace Recovers 3% HP every turn Buy from Workshop Owner Henry (Pruto Village)
ItemSprite Mind Necklace.png Mind Necklace Recovers 4% MP every turn
ItemSprite Strength Necklace.png Strength Necklace +5% STR/DEF
ItemSprite Magic Power Necklace.png Magic Power Necklace +5% MAG
ItemSprite Wind Pendant.png Wind Necklace +10% AGI
ItemSprite Brinicle's Blessing.png Brinicle's Blessing -20% DMG Taken from Ice magic, immune to cold-based action interruption Craft (recipe from main story)

Co-equippable Accessories

Co-equippable accessories can be worn at the same time as regular accessories and other co-equippable accessories. In-game, they are categorized as Special Tools rather than Equipment.

Icon Name Effect Obtain
ItemSprite Lucky Headband.png Lucky Headband Small chance to dodge an attack or double damage dealt. Buy from Merchant Donald (Rubid Village)
ItemSprite Lucca's Wings.png Lucca's Wings Boosts movement speed. (Effect is temporarily disabled after changing outfits from the inventory. Restored upon switching to a different area.)
ItemSprite Epaulet of Courage WS4.png Epaulet of Courage 50% boost to Magic Power Awakening speed.
ItemSprite Fairy Flower.png Fairy Flower Recovers 3% HP/MP per turn (also increases HP/MP recovery by 3%). Buy from Fairy Merchant (Varnado Garden)

Lucky Headband, Lucca's Wings, and Fairy Flower are reflected on Moccamori's in-game model.

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