Like its predecessors, Witch Spring 4 has a main story and myriad side events.

There are 5 main story chapters and 1 main ending; however, the ending illustrations you see are also determined by the way you respond to certain side events and reputation events encountered during the story.

Your decisions and ending will affect the after story (post-game), which will be released late April or early May 2020.

Main Story

Side Events

Side events, variable events, and "hidden" events are listed in order of which chapter and main story event unlocks them.

Most of events can be completed at any point after the unlock requirements are met, but there are some exceptions which have been noted on their pages.

Chapter 1

Main Story Name Reward
Regaining Power Weaponsmith Barnell's Quests Recipes: Steel Talon, Arbute Talon, Neodimu Talon, Shining Neodimu Talon, Blue Talon, Black Talon
Kabanes Village First Victory Over Fuego Gain the Flame Feather spell medium
White Dragon Defeat the illusions in the Hill of Wind Unlock Miyawood Village and Naru's Shop
Spend 120,00+ Gold (total) at Naru's Shop Unlock Miyawood Village's Teleportation Magic Circle
Seeking Lambragon Guaranteed: Lambragon's Leather ×1
Kill: -1 Reputation / Spare: +1 Reputation

Guaranteed event during Chapter 3 but can be completed beforehand.

Moccabird Housewife Reina's Ring Return the ring: Choco Chip
Do nothing: Keep Reina's Wooden Ring

Guaranteed event; must be completed during "Moccabird".

Chapter 2

Main Story Name Reward
Fruit Forest Pruto Forest Rescue Ignore: -1 Reputation / Help: +1 Reputation / Negotiate: Shining Blue Spine ×1

Guaranteed event.

Pruto Bridge Rescue Pass by: -1 Reputation / Help: +1 Reputation

Guaranteed event.

Tool Merchant Rescue Ignore: -1 Reputation / Help: +1 Reputation / Negotiate: Discounted Tent
Workshop Owner Rescue Guaranteed: Green Orb ×3, Blue Orb ×3, Digested Quick Feather ×3
Take the Flame Stone: -1 Reputation, gain Fire Stone ×1 / Go back: +1 Reputation
Farm Owner's Fruit Guaranteed: Celestial Fruit ×2
Give me more: -1 Reputation / Savor it: +1 Reputation
Talk to Captain Robert Octu will spawn in Lunata Beach
Lunata Subjugation Lunata Miner Rescue Help: +1 Reputation / Refuse: No change
Lunata Chief's Quests Murgav Take the Red Gem: -3 Reputation, Red Gem ×10
Help: +1 Reputation, Red Gem ×2, unlocks Narrel quest
Narrel Red Gem ×2, unlocks Sierra quest
Encounters with Yvette 1 Nothing, unlocks Part 2
2 Nothing, unlocks Part 3 and Denny's Power
3 Nothing, unlocks Part 4
Denny's Power* +1 Reputation

* Must be completed before the start of Encounters with Yvette, Part 5.

Chapter 3

Main Story Name Reward
Dark Stone Cave Ethan's Upgrade* Guaranteed: Ethan's upgrade
Fight both: -3 Reputation / Restrain yourself: +3 Reputation / Make them fight: Nothing
Edis' Upgrade Edis' upgrade
Fairy's Spring Varon's Upgrade* Varon's upgrade
Reunited Lovers Arkas Recruit Arkas
Noa Recruit Noa
Arkas' Upgrade Arkas' upgrade
Rubid Village Grandma Sugar's Glasses Help: +1 Reputation (Help) / Don't Help: No change

Guaranteed event.

Encounters with Yvette 4 Defeat them all: -2 Reputation / Let them go: +2 Reputation
Unlocks Part 5
Nova Temple It's Boring... Recruit Limura
Limura's Upgrade Limura's upgrade
First Victory Over Terrenord Gain the Summon Terrenord magic medium
Ethan and Uris Encounters with Yvette 5 Recruit Yvette (Choice in Part 4 doesn't matter)
Mariena's Upgrade Mariena's upgrade
Uris' Upgrade Uris' upgrade
Weaponsmith Dorman's Quest Recipe for Rare Metal Talons
Ancient Land Lunata Chief's Quests Sierra +1 Reputation, Red Gem ×3, unlocks Terrenord quest
Terrenord +1 Reputation, Red Gem ×3

* These events must be completed by certain points in Chapter 3 and will not be available afterwards. See their pages for details. All other events can be started and completed any time before the Final Battle in Chapter 5.

There are no new side events in Chapters 4 and 5.


Main article: Witch Spring 4/Post-Game

Post-game content contains two main events, "Origin of the Deities" and "The Shadow World", as well as several other smaller events.

Note that the final battle in "The Shadow World" is also the finale of post-game content—all stat-grinding and events must be done before the final battle. Make sure to keep a save file before heading in!

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