Moccamori with Shukrina and Cecilia.

In Witch Spring 4, Minions take on the role of Pets and Dolls from the previous games. They can be used to assist Moccamori in battle, or dispatched to farm items that Moccamori needs.

Minions are unlocked through the main story or by completing side events. You can check which minions you have, as well as their abilities, through Menu > Minions (Shukrina icon, second from left).


  • In battle, minions can each wield one of Moccamori's inherited weapons (with the exception of the talons), or use their own abilities.
  • Minions will benefit from the activation of Lucky Headband as well. (To verify: will they still benefit from the activation if Moccamori attacks in the same turn)
  • Up to 3 minions can be used at a time.
  • A minion that has been dispatched cannot be summoned in battle until they have finished.

Minion Stats

MP Cost Default MP cost, without Meditation Training levels. (The number displayed in-game already takes that into account.)
AGI Modifier Determines how quickly the minion's turn gauge fills.
Equal to [AGI Modifier]×[Moccamori's AGI].
DMG Type Like Moccamori, minions will deal either physical or magic damage. Some minions can inflict both, depending on their action that turn.
Position The minion's default position when summoned. Will change if another minion is already summoned in that slot.


Main article: Witch Spring 4/Dispatch

To dispatch minions to gather materials, select a location from the World Map, then select the item you want them to gather. (Bottom-right Menu > Map (next to Home button) > Select location > Dispatch minions)

Minions that are dispatched to gather items cannot be summoned into battle.

List of Minions

Most minions are automatically recruited during the main story, the four that aren't can be recruited by completing side events unlocked during Chapter 3. Most minions also have upgrades the increase their abilities and damage output.

Ch. Name Role Story Upgr. Recruit
1 Shukrina Physical Attacker, AoE Unlocked at game start. Upgraded during Chapter 3, Rubid Village event.
Varon Physical Attacker, Defender Unlocked at game start. Varon's Upgrade is available after the Ch. 3 Fairy's Spring event. Permanently unavailable after Chapter 4.
Ethan Physical Attacker Recruited after the Kabanes Village event. Ethan's Upgrade is available between Ch. 3's "Pieberry and Justice" and "Rubid Village" events. (Permanently unavailable afterwards.)
2 Cecilia Magic Attacker, AoE Unlocked at the start of Chapter 2. Permanently unavailable after Chapter 4.
3 Edis Magic Attacker Recruited after the Pieberry and Justice event. Edis' Upgrade will be instantly available.
Uris Physical Attacker Recruited after the Uris and Ethan event. Uris' Upgrade will be instantly available.
Mariena Magic Attacker, Healer Recruited after the Uris and Ethan event. Mariena's Upgrade will be instantly available.
Arkas Physical Attacker Complete his part of Reunited Lovers to recruit. Arkas' Upgrade will be instantly available.
Noa Healer, MP Recovery Complete her part of Reunited Lovers.
Limura Physical Attacker Complete It's Boring... to recruit. Limura's Upgrade will be instantly available.
Yvette Physical Attacker, Magic Attacker Complete Encounters with Yvette to unlock.

Post-Game Minions

Four new minions can be recruited during post-game.

Name Role Recruit
Boule Phys. Attacker, Magic Attacker Complete "Babysitting Boule"
Moccamori's First Shadow Magic Attacker Defeat them in "The Shadow World"
Moccamori's Second Shadow Physical Attacker
Moccamori's Third Shadow Phys. Attacker, Magic Attacker
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