Moccamori's six exercises. From left to right: Fight Training, Running, Muscle Training, Meditation, Magic Power Release, and Magic Training

Like the games before it, Witch Spring 4 features a Training system that Moccamori can use to grow stronger.[1][2]

There are six exercises that Moccamori can train in and can raise up to Level 5. Each exercise raises certain stats, and raising the exercise level may unlock new skills. Every exercise level also requires more points to reach the next level.

About Training

Ws4 training menu - duel practice.png

The above menu appears after selecting an exercise, detailing which stats will be raised and how much they will be raised by. On the bottom left is her current training efficiency, and on the bottom right is her current exercise level as well as the percentage to the next level.

  • Training efficiency determines the amount of stats gained per training round, as well as the probability of gaining bonus stats.
    • Each training round lowers training efficiency. Under 20% efficiency, she will not be able to train. (See the Training Efficiency section for more information.)
      • Changing areas on the world map: +1% (includes teleportation)
  • Moccamori can gain bonus stats during training session. Different animations will play depending on whether bonus stats were gained or not.
  • Each stat has a cap to the amount it can be raised by per training round, not including bonus stats.
    • HP/MP: +200
    • STR/MAG/DEF: +50
    • AGI: +14
  • Moccamori can still train train a maxed-out exercise level.

Training Efficiency

During exploration, Moccamori's training efficiency can be seen from the Fight Training icon on the left side of the lower-right menu section. The same actions that grant Dispatch Timer Points will also boost her training efficiency.

Maximum training efficiency 1000 100%
Actions that fill training efficiency Points %
Changing areas (includes teleportation) 10 1%
Turns in battle Moccamori (Attack) 20 2%
Moccamori (Defend) 10 1%
Minion 10 1%
Enemy 10 1%
Sleeping (Full HP and MP) At home 50 5%
In a tent 60 6%
Sleeping (~50% HP and MP) At home 200 20%
In a tent 210 21%
Sleeping (<50% HP and/or MP) At home 150 15%
In a tent 160 16%

Collecting items from glowing spots, crafting, and quick hunting enemies do not contribute to training efficiency.

Fight Training

Fight Training raises HP, STR, and AGI. Each level grants new Talon Attacks.

Lv Learn
1 Stab
Earth Smash
2 Speed Dive
3 Serial Attack
4 Channel
5 Flash Attack
  • Bonus stat animation: Moccamori knocks Libro down and kicks him repeatedly while he begs for help.
  • No bonus: Moccamori falls to her knees, exhausted.


Running, called Stamina on the stat screen, raises Moccamori's HP and AGI. Each level boosts the amount of HP recovered after using Defense (Guard). The percent of HP recovered also depends on whether Moccamori was attacked by the time her turn comes up again. (To verify: Does HP recovery get affected if she's attacked but takes 0 damage?)

Lv HP Recovery
Attacked Not Attacked
1 6% 12%
2 12% 24%
3 18% 36%
4 24% 48%
5 30% 60%
  • Bonus stat animation: Moccamori catches up to Libro, kicks him down, and beats him up.
  • No bonus: Moccamori falls to her knees, exhausted.

Muscle Training

Muscle Training boosts HP, STR, and DEF. Each level reduces damage taken by a certain percentage; she has a constant damage reduction rate which is always applied, and it becomes even higher while Defending.

Lv DMG Reduction
Constant Defending
1 0% 30%
2 8% 38%
3 12% 46%
4 18% 54%
5 24% 62%
  • Bonus stat animation: When Moccamori boasts that the exercise is easy, Libro jumps on top of the boulder and tells her to try harder, causing her to throw the boulder (and Libro) against the wall.
  • No bonus: The boulder crushes Moccamori, much to her displeasure.


Meditation, called Mind on the stat screen, boosts MP and MAG. Each level increases MP recovered by Defending and from Level 2 on, reduces the MP cost for anything that uses MP (spells, minion summoning, etc.) At Levels 3 and 5, she also gains new Defend skills.

Minion costs listed in-game already factor in MP cost reduction from Meditation levels.

Lv Effect
MP Recovered MP Cost Lowered
1 2% 0%
2 10% 11%
3 Learn Meditation (Spend 1 turn defenseless to recover MP by 40%)
4 20% 40%
5 Learn Deep Meditation (Spend 2 turns defenseless to fully recover MP and double MAG for 1 turn)
  • Bonus stat animation: Moccamori exclaims "Yes!"
  • No bonus: The ball of energy Moccamori formed explodes in Libro's face, and Moccamori comments that she should've concentrated harder with a bored expression.

Magic Power Release

Magic Power Releases boosts MP and MAG. Each level boosts the power of magic circles, and at the last level provides a new spell.

Lv Boost
1 5%
2 10%
3 15%
4 20%
5 25%
Learn Unleash Energy (Spend 20% HP and 30% MP to deal AoE damage equal to 150% Max HP + 200% Max MP + MAG)
  • Bonus stat animation: The ball of light expands until it surges around the room, causing Libro to cower in fear.
  • No bonus: Moccamori falls to her knees, exhausted.

Magic Training

Magic Training boosts MP, MAG, and AGI. Each level grants new Magic Talon skills.

Lv Learn
1 Sphere Bomb
2 Magic Power Shot
3 Talon Upgrade
4 Lightning Shield
5 Upgrade Speed
  • Bonus stat animation: Moccamori knocks Libro down and repeatedly blasts him with her magic shots.
  • No bonus: Moccamori falls to her knees, exhausted.


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